Um apanhado de coisas interessantes publicadas/publicitadas no Ponto Media, do professor António Granado, neste Verão. Por uma ordem aleatória. Quase tudo dentro da categoria “Ensino do Jornalismo”.

A few lessons learned from teaching online journalism. (Mark Berkey-Gerard)

“In order to understand how journalism works in a digital age, a course on interactive news has to be participatory, conversational and collaborative.”

“Despite growing up with the Internet, some of my students navigate the web like they watch TV; they surf and consume. Or they only know how to participate within a defined structure like Facebook.”

“Teaching students to recognize, report and tell a compelling story is a real challenge, but that seems like a central goal of journalism education.”

Journalism graduates, you may be inexperienced but you have momentum on your side. (Dave Lee)

“Think of all the people you have ever worked or drank with. Check in with your tutors – many know what the local industry landscape is like through social connections – and make everyone you know on earth fully aware that you are a journalist looking for work.”

“Fill your days with productive activity. There’s only so much time per day you can devote to job-searching – so apply yourself during your down time to equip yourself with even more knowledge.”

“Until then, though, prepare to feel useless, depressed and deflated. It’s an unrelenting test of your resolve, and many around you won’t make it. But consider it a quality control mechanism.”

The new journalism grad requirements. (Deb Wenger/Crystal Lauderdale)

““Graduates need more than a degree,” Lauderdale says.  “They need  technical ability, internship experience, clips on a portfolio site, a non-academic reference and a love of storytelling.””

10 Ways to Develop Expository Writing Skills With The New York Times. (Holly Epstein Ojalvo)


Some tips on landing your next job in digital journalism. (Steve Buttry)

“Connect and network with people you admire in the business, even if  you’re happy with your current job. You never know when someone might be in a position to hire or recommend you.”

“Develop a strong digital profile.”

“Hyperlink your résumé [and] Customize your résumé. Since you’re sending out a digital résumé anyway, consider each time how you might be able to customize it to that organization.”

“Take the time to check how your prospective boss spells his or her name.”

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